A strong partnership of six organisations

Europe’s Amazon, the Polesia, is threatened by the planned E40 waterway.We are an international partnership of civil society organisations. We strive to protect Polesia for the citizens of Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and wider Europe – now and in the future. We stand against the development of the E40 waterway and for the development of ecotourism potential in Polesia.

APB–BirdLife Belarus

APB is the BirdLife partner organization from Belarus, whose mission is the conservation of biological diversity for the benefit of present and future generations and involvement of people in active nature protection activities. The organization’s key activities include research and conservation of wild birds and their habitats.

Bahna, Belarus

The aim of Bahna is to prevent further degradation of the environment and to preserve natural habitats and biodiversity of Belarus. Bahna coordinates the Belarusian environmental alliance with runs the Stop E40 campaign in Belarus. Thereby it links our campaign to a coalition of 20 Belarusian, 13 Ukrainian and 9 EU-based organisations

Frankfurt Zoological Society, Germany

Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) invests in wilderness areas of global significance, in what is called “legacy landscapes” – areas of aesthetic and natural values, with pristine landscapes, important ecosystem processes (e.g. migrations) or ecosystem values and harbouring endemic and endangered species.

NECU – National Ecological Centre of Ukraine

National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU) consolidates individuals for common action to protect the environment. Among NECU members are scientists, journalists, artists, students and other people who are committing themselves to protect the environment. The organization has branches in a dozen of Ukrainian cities. NECU aims to bring environmental consideration into the core of any decision making.

OTOP – Polish Society for the Protection of Birds, Poland

OTOP is the BirdLife partner organization from Poland, whose mission is to protect birds and their habitats and establish and manage new bird reserves. The organization has strong educational work in order to increase public support for nature conservation. OTOP is a member of the Polish Save the Rivers coalition, so it links our campaign to over 60 organisations, scientists and environmental activists.

USPB – Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds

USPB is Ukraine’s premier bird conservation organization and has been BirdLife International’s partner in Ukraine. The organisation's mission is to prevent the decline and extinction of species in the wild, help, through conserving birds, to maintain diverse natural environments and enrich the quality of people’s lives, sustain the vital ecological systems that underpin human livelihoods, and strengthen communities through nature conservation actions.

Overall coordination of the campaign

Still in need of further information? Do you want to support our campaign? Or do you have a question?Please feel free to contact us at info@savepolesia.org.

Ms Helen Byronon behalf ofFrankfurt Zoological SocietyBernhard-Grzimek-Allee 160316 Frankfurt am Main