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Did you fall in love with Polesia as we did? Do you want to prevent the emerging environmental disaster that the construction of the E40 waterway would bring for the spectacular world class nature of Polesia and Poland’s Vistula river?

There are a number of ways you can support us:

🖊 Click here to sign the petition against E40 and Siarzewo barrage in Poland - a joint initiative of the Save Polesia coalition, Avaaz and WeMove Europe.

📢 Spread the word in your networks and follow us on twitter.

🇪🇺 Ask your politicians and members of the European Parliament to take action against the E40 waterway.

🎤 Convince journalists to report about the looming threat.

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The more people support us, the higher the chances to prevent the E40 waterway.

Every contribution counts.

Let’s #savePolesia – Europe’s Amazon – together.