Kayaking to save the Pripyat river

Save Polesia partners call to save the Pripyat and stop the E40 waterway

Every year, the Belarusian conservation organizations APB-BirdLife Belarus and Bahna organize a kayaking event on the Pripyat river to call for its protection and the prevention of the E40 waterway.

This year, the so-called “High Five Pripyat!” (“Pripyat day piat!”) event started on July 1st and lasts until August 31st. The Pripyat is one of Europe’s last major undamaged rivers. To discover it and its tributaries, ecologists created a map with kayaking routes. The kayaking tours are designed for professionals as well as those who have never traveled by boat before. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, organizers suggest to kayak alone or in small groups only.

Turovskoe bolon’ye in the Belarussian part of Polesia (© Siarhei Zuyonak)

United by the desire to protect Polesia

The Pripyat river is full of life and extremely important for biodiversity. For example, the largest bird of prey nests in the Belarussian part of Polesia, the white-tailed eagle. Kayakers may be lucky to see it.

White-tailed eagle (© Yathin S Krishnappa)

Pripyat must stay alive. Everybody can help to raise awareness about the importance of Polesia and the threat from the E40 waterway. Support our campaign by taking part in the kayaking event and publish a photo or video with the hashtag #savepolesia and #stop_E40 on Facebook or Instagram.

*The header photo shows FZS and APB colleagues kayaking on the Pripyat (© Irina Kashpei / APB)

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