Press Release: Hazardous dredging started in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

DJI_0082_Polesia_Prypiat-Stokhid National Park_Ukraine_DR

In Ukraine, dredging of the Pripyat River as part of the E40 waterway construction has been launched at the eight sites planned for this year. This work is being carried out as part of the restoration of a bilateral waterway between Ukraine and Belarus, and as the first steps of the much larger E40 project. Five of the eight sites lie only a few kilometres from the remains of Chernobyl’s infamous Reactor 4, where the remnants of the world’s largest nuclear catastrophe lie hidden in the muddy riverbed. This work proceeded on the basis of incomplete analysis of radiation levels and without any detailed studies having taken place as required by Ukrainian law.

Press release: Planned E40 waterway could pose increased radiation risk for millions of people


Expert analysis of radioactivity released today undermines entire project Governments of Belarus, Poland and Ukraine put human health at risk if they proceed with the plans to construct a 2,000 kilometres long waterway linking the Baltic and the Black Sea. Today, an expert study on the radiation impacts of the so-called ‘E40’waterway was released by … Read more