Save Polesia Petition handed over to European Parliament  – EU to investigate Siarzewo barrier decision making

Petition handed over to European Parliament. Wouter Langhout (Save Polesia) and Marek Elas (OTOP – BirdLife Poland) in Brussels

On 22nd of January, we presented the petition against Siarzewo dam and the E40 waterway at the PETI Committee’s monthly hearing in Brussels. The petition by Wemove, Avaaz and the Save Polesia partnership was signed by more than 143 000 people. What is the issue? The Vistula – the Queen of the Polish rivers – … Read more

New report: Siarzewo barrage is a real threat for habitats and species

The Vistula river. Photo by Marek Elas

A new report that shows the devastating impact of E40 waterway on birds, natural habitats and water-dependent species in Poland was published on 2nd of October 2023. The report was prepared at the request of Save Polesia partner OTOP (BirdLife Poland). Despite being aware of the disastrous consequences of the E40 project, the Polish government … Read more

Polish NGOs complain to European Commission about obsolete dams

Włocławek dam

Polish NGOs have submitted a complaint to the European Commission pointing out that huge, old dams on Polish rivers have never been studied for their impact on people and nature. This violates EU law. What is the issue? NGOs, ClientEarth Lawyers for the Earth, Save Polesia partner OTOP (BirdLife Poland) and Greenmind Foundation, have filed … Read more

Polish musician crosses the whole country in a wooden boat

Vistula river. Photo by Tomasz Pezold

On the 1st of May, Polish musician and activist Michał Zygmunt finished his 1,300 km expedition in a traditional wooden boat. The main patron of the boat trip across Poland was OTOP – BirdLife Poland, one of the Save Polesia partners. The cruise is a promotion of rivers, conscious learning and discovering their values and character, says … Read more

No Economic Case for the E40 Waterway Expert Study Reveals


Unacceptably high costs and risks associated with the E40 waterway, yet the programme is moving forward. The costs as well as the risks associated with the planned E40 waterway are unacceptably high – according to an expert economic assessment conducted by three leading business associations of Belarus. The study’s authors analysed the 2015 E40 waterway … Read more