New study: how to unlock the potential of rail freight transport between Poland and Ukraine

Percentage share of containers in transport performance [tkm] of all transported goods for various types of transport. (Bayer et. al. 2021, CCNR report).

The study published by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank in July 2023 suggests developing a backbone of European 1435 mm wide railways on key railway lines between Poland and Ukraine. This means that ideas about E40 waterway connecting the Baltic and Black seas have become even more redundant. The study is part of … Read more

E40 waterway not part of EU’s transport roadmap

Railway tracks

The European Commission recently released their proposal for Europe’s roadmap for future transport. The so-called trans-European transport network (TEN-T) policy doesn’t include the planned E40 waterway route, recognizing its high costs and environmental impacts. Instead, the focus is on multimodality, high-speed rail and climate-proof projects. The TEN-T Regulation aims to build an effective, EU-wide and … Read more