New Film: ‘Re: Save Europe’s Amazon’

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The German Television channel, ARTE, just released a brand-new documentary about the wonders of Polesia – Europe’s Amazon – and the threat of the E40 waterway that would destroy it. The stunning footage shows why the landscape is so unique. It is one of the most biodiverse and culturally rich areas of Europe and a … Read more

Learn about Polesia from the Peat-Fest stage


This Saturday at Peat-Fest 2021, the ‘Save Polesia’ and the ‘Polesia – Wilderness without borders’ projects will showcase their commitment to protect Europe’s Amazon. The 24-hour long online festival is ‘dedicated to facilitating conversation about peatlands and larger ecological questions’. The free event is organised, for the second time, by a youth-led group RE-PEAT, in … Read more

E40 waterway removed from Ukrainian Exclusion Zone Strategy

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The Ukrainian State Agency for Exclusion Zone Management (SAZM) kept their promise and removed the E40 waterway from the updated draft 2030 Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Development Strategy. Hence, the previous section on the “Development of transport infrastructure” is not included anymore – as requested by several organisations, who argued that these plans were unacceptable. The … Read more

Swimmers protest against planned dam in Poland


About a week ago, a group of swimmers from all over Poland protested against a hydroelectric dam. Their way of protest was remarkable: the activists swam in the eight degrees cold Vistula river near the planned construction site in Siarzewo. The proposed dam would severely impact one of Europe’s last big free flowing rivers, namely … Read more

27th April 2021: online event on Polesia’s tourism potential

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On the 27th of April 2021, Save Polesia partners APB-Birdlife Belarus and Bahna will hold an online roundtable discussion on the “Potential of agro-tourism and ecotourism in Polesia”. The event will be supported by a number of environmental organisations, as well as the business community. Themes to be covered include the potential for ecotourism in … Read more

Former head of the Association of Seaports of Ukraine advises against E40 waterway

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The Government of Ukraine have approved the ‘Action Plan for the Implementation of the National Transport Strategy until 2030’, which includes the development of the E40 waterway. The ‘Transport Strategy’ serves as a guidance document for the development of the Ukrainian transport sector. According to the ‘action plan’, the Ministry of Infrastructure as well as … Read more

Study identifies Polesia’s enormous potential for nature-based tourism


Polesia has enormous potential for the development of sustainable nature-based tourism, finds analysis by tourism specialists from the region. The authors carried out a four-month desk-based review and laid out a roadmap for the development of nature-friendly tourism in the area. They found that: If developed in the right way, nature-based tourism has massive potential … Read more

Almany Mires Reserve in Belarus grows by 10,000 ha

Greater Spotted Eagle chick APB-BirdLife Belarus Archive

Belarus’s Council of Ministries officially announces a 10,000-hectare expansion of the Almany Mires Nature Reserve. The reserve now covers more than 104,000 hectares – about the size of Hong Kong. Almany is Europe’s largest intact transition mire, and together with protected areas across the border in Ukraine, it forms the largest complex of bogs and mires on the continent. This unique landscape is one … Read more

Ukrainian State Agency for Exclusion Zone Management agrees to remove E40 waterway from their strategy


A section outlining plans for the construction of the E40 waterway through the Ukrainian Chernobyl exclusion zone will be removed from the draft 2030 Exclusion Zone Development Strategy. This revision was announced by a representative of the State Agency for Exclusion Zone Management (SAZM) during an online meeting on February 11 2021. Attendees of the … Read more

Sign our petition and help save Polesia


On the occasion of this year’s “International Day of Action for Rivers”, the Save Polesia coalition are relaunching a petition to allow the general public to raise their voices to save Europe’s largest wetland wilderness. This Sunday, March 14 2021, people from all over the world will celebrate the ‘Rights of Rivers’. Now, everyone can … Read more