Must-see: Polesia documentary on new streaming platform

WB launch

As of today, people across the globe can watch a new film about Polesia on an innovative, interactive streaming platform – the Waterbear Network. The documentary ‘Europe’s Secret Eden: Polesia’ features spectacular footage of this wetland wilderness, and provides insights into the efforts of dedicated conservationists from the international coalitions Save Polesia and Wild Polesia. … Read more

New German documentary reports on Polesia

ARD film

The brand-new documentary ‘The great extinction of species’ reports on the problems of, and solutions to biodiversity loss. Leading scientists, conservations and economists discuss this issue of global concern – not only on a local, but also on a national and global scale. As part of this story, the German-language ARD film shows impressive footage of Polesia, referred to as the Amazon on the doorstep of Europe. … Read more

No Economic Case for the E40 Waterway Expert Study Reveals


Unacceptably high costs and risks associated with the E40 waterway, yet the programme is moving forward. The costs as well as the risks associated with the planned E40 waterway are unacceptably high – according to an expert economic assessment conducted by three leading business associations of Belarus. The study’s authors analysed the 2015 E40 waterway … Read more

Dredging of the Pripyat river started within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone


28 million people could be exposed to increased radiation risk if dredging proceeds The limited liability company ‘SOBI’ proudly announced that they started to dredge the Pripyat river as part of the construction of the E40 waterway. The works take place within the Chernobyl exclusion zone – the most contaminated area of the world – … Read more

Kayaking to save the Pripyat river

DJI_0328_Irina Kashpei_Kayaking2020_cut

Save Polesia partners call to save the Pripyat and stop the E40 waterway Every year, the Belarusian conservation organizations APB-BirdLife Belarus and Bahna organize a kayaking event on the Pripyat river to call for its protection and the prevention of the E40 waterway. This year, the so-called “High Five Pripyat!” (“Pripyat day piat!”) event started … Read more

Ukrainian state agency permits river dredging in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone


The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority plans to dig the Pripyat river despite protests of ecologists and scientists The State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management (SAUEZM) has granted permission to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) to deepen the Pripyat river in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. This is reported on the website of the … Read more

Belarusian Control Committee against river dredging in the Kobrin district


The Control Committee of Belarus, which is the country’s supreme audit institution, considers the costs associated with the planned dredging and clearing works along the Mukhavets river in the south-west of Belarus as irrational and illegal. These construction works in the Kobrin district of the Brest region would be a step towards building the E40 … Read more

Urgent action needed to address drought conditions in Polesia

Dnieper near the Belarusian Gomel in a flooded year_copyright-Oleg_lystopad

Calls to abandon plan for proposed ‘E40’ waterway in light of unprecedented drought in Eastern Europe Experts have called for a far-reaching response to a devastating drought affecting large parts of Eastern Europe, including Polesia. In April, groundwater levels in Ukraine were reported to have fallen to their lowest levels since records began more than … Read more

Proposed river port in Belarus threatens local livelihoods and biodiversity


The government of Belarus plans to construct a river port in the Belarusian village Nijniye Zary as an infrastructure for the proposed E40 waterway. This would destroy not only conservation areas of international importance, but also local livelihoods as their houses would be demolished. At the end of February, the Belarusian environmental organizations APB-BirdLife Belarus … Read more